In the midst of an unforgiving battle for survival, there is no room for mistakes. Only the strongest will have what it takes to survive and reach the pinnacle of glory. Victory or defeat, all depends on the skills of the fighters. On the fine line between life and death, the fighters have to pass an important test. They have to face their life’s biggest enemies: their own selves.

Kill or be killed? Glory or failure? A happy ending is not for the weak. Will the fighters have the power to decide their own fates? Let’s see and we’ll find out!”

DeeDee Animation Studio would like to present a project we have been collaborate on recently – an Official Promotional Video for the GLORIOUS MISSION competition, hosted by Garena Lien Quan Mobile. This is a prestigious e-sports competition created by Garena – which is a steppingstone for Vietnamese players to qualify for SEA Games 30 and international competitions.